Santa Rosa is the 44th Declared Fair Trade Town!

COURTHOUSE SQUARE, Downtown Santa Rosa:

poster October 17 Santa Rosa Fair Trade town

WE DID IT! Santa Rosa is a US Fair Trade Town.

first fair trade town maybe santa rosa

31 US towns have earned their fair trade town designation. 20 more towns are in the campaign process toward becoming a US Fair Trade Town. We added Santa Rosa!

first fair trade town

Hal Tausig organized America’s First Fair Trade Town Committee. Media, PA became the first fair trade town in the US in 2005.

Our neighborhood Leading the Way, Santa Rosa Fair Trade campaign is dedicated to fair trade advocacy, education and action in establishing Santa Rosa as a Fair Trade Town.  This community engagement model is designed to increase citizen awareness on how responsible social and economic policies can empower communities to rise out of poverty, create sustainable businesses, preserve culture and promote human rights.

Santa Rosa deserves to be recognized as a fair trade town. Santa Rosa met all 5 criteria. Building upon a core group of producers, retailers and enlightened consumers/activists, a team of local passionate fair trade champions formed a Steering Committee to guide the campaign.  This campaign was based upon a national model provided by Fair Trade TownsUSA (www.fairtradetownsusa.org) that has been implemented in over 30 cities and developing in an additional 20 more.

In July 2013, our campaign started in an effort to meet the criteria of a Fair Trade Town.

Earning Fair Trade status demonstrates our community’s commitment to social and economic justice. Many towns are looking for ways to differentiate themselves as sustainable as more and more consumers and businesses speak up about responsible business and community leadership. Tourists and potential residents are looking to spend their resources in a conscientious way.

Santa Rosans will benefit from earning the Fair Trade Town status and so will the artisans and businesses that practice fair trade all around the world. footprint You as a Santa Rosan can feel assured that producers are paid fair prices for their products and labor with direct market access.  Many of the “middle-men” traditionally have absorbed the majority of the profits. Your purchasing power and producer self-empowerment grow.



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